El liderazgo es necesario for Latino Students

Another day of networking and learning with colegas from across the United States at the ALAS State Affiliates Conference.  Looking around, I see leaders who look like me.  I see visions that I’ve also shared.  I see ideas that we have executed.  I see promise and I see inspiration.  But most importantly, I see líderes focused on providing stronger educational opportunities for our Latino children.  What I’ve learned about the work that ALAS and the State Affiliates are doing is that we have to unite and collaborate.  We have to look outside-the-box to see how we can support the next group of leaders move up through the ranks thus allowing for children in classrooms to see people who look like them in leadership roles.  We have work to do and we have the collective efficacy to do it.Mary & Beatriz

Primer día de un pedacito de mi vida

What an inspiring first day at the IALAS State Affiliates Conference. The words from Nancy Lewin, Executive Director, “you have to rise up, you have to pick others up, you have to lend a helping hand” were powerful and hit home. As Latinx leaders, it’s up to us to search for and develop the next generation of Latinx leaders. I’m grateful for IALAS and the work that the founding board did to create such an important organization. We have a lot to do, but the good thing is that ¡sí se puede!

Hopes & Dreams

Watching parents’ faces as they talk about their child’s biliteracy development fills my heart with joy.  Tuesday night, parents shared their hopes and dreams about their children in the dual language program.  They wrote their thoughts on the little blue or green thought bubbles that Ms. Ramirez, 2nd grade dual language teacher, created for them.  They shared their child’s enthusiasm and they shared their child’s challenges as they go through the program.  Mostly, they shared how much joy the thought of knowing that their child will become biliterate and bilingual will bring them.

Dual Language is the great educational equalizer. — Dr. Jose Medina